Napa and Sonoma Educational Wine Tours

Much more than just a driver for the day, you will enjoy touring wine country with a knowledgeable, experienced,  trained wine educator with over 15 years of experience working in the wine industry and living in the Napa Valley.


Make the most of your visit to wine country by turning a day of wine tasting into a total educational experience as you tour through vineyards and visit tasting rooms and wineries specifically selected to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

Topics covered in your tour include:

* A walk in the vineyards to learn basics of viticulture and how grapes are grown.

* What makes Northern California and Napa one of the greatest grape growing and wine producing            regions in the world? There is no better way to learn than to be here and experience first hand the            geography, geology and climate. Some call this terroir. 

* Wine tastings methodology. Learn the basics of how to evaluate wine or hone your advanced skills to      make the most of your time wine tasting in wine country. How to see, swirl, snip, sip and savor.

* Wine tasting lexicon: learn the language used by wine professionals to talk about wine.

* Grape varietals: where your favorite grape varietals are grown and why. Learn the characteristics of        common grape varietals.

* Appellations: why certain grapes grow where they do.

* Wine service and storage; ordering wine in a restaurant; collecting wine; wine for investment.

* Wine country history: none of this would have happened and you would not be here without the              fascinating people that make up the history of California wine.

My job is to help move you along on your journey in learning how to learn about wine while having fun and tasting delicious wines!



My premise is simple: the more you know about how grapes are grown and wine is made, the better able you will be to determine what kind of wines you like and how to seek them out. Winemaking is a fascinating enterprise that combines farming, science, nature, and art into one delicious endeavor.

My jobs in Napa regularly take me from Carneros in the south t0 Calistoga in the north. I’ve travelled these roads for over fifteen vintages. I invite you to check out my blog to see some of the things about grape growing, winemaking and living in the Napa Valley that continue to fascinated me year after year.

Napa Valley looking north from the hills in the Wild Horse Valley Appellation with Mt St Helena in the distance.

I also offer custom private tours of the region’s craft breweries; artisanal cheesemaker tours; Pt Reyes hiking and oyster tours; coastal whale watching trips and private wine education courses and tastings. Please see my Services page for details.

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